New Colorado Adoption Laws

Colorado adoption law states that in order for a child to be eligible for adoption, the relationship between the parent and child must be terminated or waived.

This means that, according to adoption laws in Colorado, the birth mother must first give up her rights as a parent. From here, a child may be adopted by a relative, or given to a state run or adoption placement agency in order to find a home.

Under Colorado adoption laws, a birth mother may indicate a specific person who will adopt her child, but ultimately the courts have the final say as to which of the aforementioned options are viable.

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Colorado Adoption Laws in Colorado

New Colorado Adoption Laws

Colorado adoption law also states that adoptive parents must be at least 21 years of age, and provide proof of being able to provide care for the adopted child – financially, emotionally, and providing ample room in the household for the child. Before relinquishing her rights, the birth mother may indicate whether or not non-identifying information (medical and mental health records, etc.) available to the adopted child upon reaching the age of 18, according to Colorado adoption laws.

The Colorado courts, acting under Colorado adoption laws, screen adoptive families through a number of criteria in order to assess whether or not they can provide for the adopted child. Such factors as household income, physical space, and how much time the parents spend at home are taken into account when reviewing an adoptive family’s petition to adopt.

After the adoption has been finalized by the Colorado court system, there is a requisite review period under Colorado adoption law, where both the adoptive parents and the adopted child may be interviewed regarding the transition.

There will also be unannounced check-ins by state agents to see how the adopted child is adjusting to the new home, and how the adopted child is interacting with parents, as well as how the child is performing in school.

Colorado adoption law is extremely comprehensive, and if you are looking to adopt, or if you are a birth mother seeking help in getting a child placed with an adoptive family, you should contact your state agencies, or seek the consultation of an Colorado adoption law attorney.

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