What Is Administrative Law?

What Is Administrative Law?

Administrative Law refers to the laws and statutes set down by government organizations and commissions, and is usually tiered, beginning on the town or city level, and then moving up to county, state, and federal administrative law.

Does Administrative Law Only Involve The Government?

No. Administrative Law is set up to manage the operations of government agencies, but Administrative Law oversees everything from taxation, to manufacturing, to media broadcasting, and even the environment. There is even global administrative law to handle international trade. In essence, while administrative law oversees how the government operates at various levels, you can see how administrative law also involves how private citizens and large corporations handle their own operations.

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What Is Administrative Law Definition

What Is Administrative Law? Get a Definition of Administrative Law

Some Administrative Law Examples

In order to make administrative law more easily understood, here are a few examples of administrative law and how it does not just influence government operations:

Broadcasting – It’s before 10 p.m., and one of the major television networks decides to broadcast an uncensored show without informing the viewers ahead of time about the language and visuals. Administrative law involving statutes set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will heavily penalize the television network for broadcasting such a show without (at the very least) informing viewers of the nature of the show, thus giving them ample warning that they might want to change the channel or go read a book.

Environmental – A person or business has a number of tube televisions or CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors. According to administrative law, those things cannot just be thrown away or destroyed, because of the harmful gas contained within the tubes. Special arrangements must be made to have them disposed of in a special way, so as not to harm the atmosphere or people in the immediate area.

Immigration – Administrative law dictates that a person cannot imply move to the United States and take up residence as a citizen, There is an actual process in becoming a full citizen. However, statutes of federal administrative law allow non-citizens to obtain visas in order to work in the country. The laws and exceptions are very detailed and confusing at first glance, but this is where administrative law attorneys come in to help.

Administrative Law Attorneys

Because of the complexities of administrative law – especially when we get ing state and federal administrative statutes – administrative attorneys are there to help people and businesses sift through the mandates so they do not find themselves unwittingly breaking the law.

If you have a question or are facing an issue that you think may involve administrative law on some level, then you should seek out the advice of an administrative attorney.

Remember that while there are many administrative lawyers who work for the government in various branches, there are also private attorneys and law firms that specialize in administrative law in order to assist people and businesses who would otherwise get lost in “the system” because they don’t know where to look to get the information they need.

Administrative law can take the average person a lifetime to learn from scratch in order to understand all of the city, state, federal, and global administrative law procedures.

Luckily, there are administrative law attorneys who deal with specific aspects of administrative law, and often work together when those areas of administrative law overlap.

Rather than being left in the dark, or accidentally breaking the law when you could get clarification on how to approach your legal issue, you should seek out the assistance of an administrative law attorney.

Examples & Explanations: Administrative Law by William F. Funk and Richard H. Seamon

Examples & Explanations: Administrative Law

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