FBI Lawyer Salary in US

An FBI lawyer salary starts at around $43K per year.

Because FBI attorney jobs are in the public sector, FBI attorney salaries are compensated with benefits, paid vacations, retirement, insurance, and a host of other perks that cannot really be matched by the private sector.

FBI lawyer jobs also come with job security, as long as one stays within the federal employment system.

An FBI lawyer salary increases based on a tier system, meaning how you perform and how long you stay in the job track influences your FBI attorney salary.

Geographic location does not greatly influence an FBI lawyer salary, however, it is usually more convenient to be stationed near a major metropolitan area, rather than to book travel well in advance to handle a case.

An FBI attorney salary is also determined by the specific type of FBI lawyer jobs that are available.

FBI attorney jobs run the gamut from investigation and research, to court performance, defense, prosecution, and (in some cases) even a depth of knowledge in the field of international law.

FBI attorney employment is very strict, as only lawyers with clean records, excellent academic and legal performance, as well as other specifications can join the ranks of the legal arm of the FBI.

FBI Lawyer Salary in US

Bottom line: FBI Lawyers Salary can reach $43k per year.

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FBI Lawyer Salary FBI Salary

FBI Lawyers can earn up to $43K per year

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