What Does Pro Bono Mean?

Pro Bono Law

Pro Bono Law covers almost every branch of law under the sun, but is typically used in reference to legal advice and attorney representation when people and organizations don’t have the financial means to hire a lawyer. Lawyer are encouraged to give 50 hours of pro bono work throughout the year, and in fact, many do much more than that. There are entire pro bono law firms and organization to help people get free legal advice and free attorney representation in court.

The Definition Of Pro Bono

What is Pro Bono?

The term “Pro Bono” is a shortened version of the Latin phrase “Pro Bono Publico,” meaning “for the good of the people.” In more recent years, the definition of Pro Bono has become associated with free legal advice.

Many times, if there is a legal issue and one party simply cannot afford a lawyer to see due justice for their case, that lower will typically take the case and see it to its completion – Pro Bono. Pro Bono means a lawyer will work for you free of charge.

Pro Bono Lawyers

While there are lawyers in practically every legal field who will work Pro Bono, most cases involve domestic issues, family law, divorce, and child welfare.

Pro Bono Lawyers For Child Support

Child support is a very serious matter. Many times after a divorce, a single parent cannot make ends meet between work and raising a child. In many of these cases, a person can seek the help of a pro bono attorney. A pro bono lawyer will get you child support, and any attorney working a pro bono child support case has extensive knowledge of family law.

If you find yourself strapped for money, and desperately need the child support you are owed in order to provide what your child needs for a strong, healthy upbringing, then you should consult pro bono child support lawyers in your area.

Pro Bono Lawyers And Divorce

There are many reasons why more than half of marriages do not work, but money is often one of the contributing factors. A divorce is never easy, and it is rarely cheap. If you find yourself faced with an impending divorce, you should know that there are many pro bono attorneys for divorce cases, so that nothing needs to be paid on top of everything else.

Now, finding a pro bono divorce lawyer might take some research. You might start with either contacting local law firms, or by talking with people who have already gone through the divorce process. This will give you some leads on a good pro bono divorce attorney who will look out for your interests, for free.

Pro Bono Lawyers & Pro Bono Legal Services

Pro Bono attorneys work for free on a variety of cases. You can find Pro Bono divorce lawyers, Pro Bono child support, and many others. You can even find Pro Bono bankruptcy attorneys, and lawyers who work on Pro Bono landlord/tenant disputes.

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What Does Pro Bono Mean Pro Bono Definition

Learn What Does Pro Bono Mean!

Pro Bono Law Firms

If you find yourself in need of a lawyer, but you do not have the money to hire an attorney, a little research online will point you in the right direction.

There are Pro Bono Law Organizations, and even Pro Bono Law Firms that will help you find a pro bono lawyer in your area who can work with you. An alternative method is to find organizations that support your legal cause.

In cases involving child or spousal abuse, divorce, and even contract disputes, certain organizations have legal departments that can get you in touch with a Pro Bono Attorney, or at least give you Pro Bono legal advice.

Remember, Pro Bono lawyers know that money should not get in the way of justice and your legal rights. With a little research you can find a lawyer willing to take on your legal case Pro Bono, and get you the legal assistance you need.

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